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The Cinelaunch Investors Group is an exclusive peer membership organization of accredited investors focused on top-level motion picture investment opportunity.

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“This is the first time this asset class has been unlocked for investors outside of the small, Hollywood bubble...”

Motion Picture Investing With Strategy


Total Addressable Global Motion Pictures Market


Total Global Independent Film Market Size


Average Investor Return For
Studio-Backed Films

The immense valueof these investments
Steady Return
The average return on studio- backed projects is 27% for individual investor pools.
Films have a startup-esque tendency to occasionally return insane numbers, out-performing all the averages.
Asset Class
A very separated, recession-proof alternative asset class to mitigate risk away from more traditional investments.
Immediate Tax Deduction
To offset capital gains, passive income, investment return & more, film investment allows for an immediate deduction utilizing section 181.

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Our mission is to help Members preserve and grow their wealth by connecting into an unparalleled network of investment opportunities and thought leaders. Through trusted relationships and meaningful opportunities, our Members translate the transformative value into a previously inaccessible class of potential.
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Cinelaunch operates out of the heart of Hollywood. We are 100% dedicated to bringing
in exclusively high-caliber industry projects packaged with top talent,
credible backing and a high chance of return.
We are not in the business of backing struggling projects. We fight to get a piece of
highly-anticipated projects, with notable names attached and solid backing locked-in.
Types of Criteria We Consider:
A-List Talent Attachments
(Noteworthy Actors,
Producers, etc.)
Pre-Sold Distribution (Collateral)
(Partial Financing Locked
Before Any Capital is Raised)
(Major Studio Is Backing
a Given Project)
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